What Makes a Great White Label Accounting Software Partner?

White label accounting software is an excellent choice for startups and small to midsize businesses. Small business owners report spending, on average, over 80 hours a year on business accounting, and the time spent can quickly spin out of control when dealing with complex accounting issues. Fortunately, outsourcing to a white label accounting software partner is a cost-effective and reliable option for managing your accounting needs.

White label accounting software is software produced by a company and then rebranded and sold by another company. This provides myriad benefits: you can focus your efforts where it counts, which is hugely important in startup and small business environments where staffs are smaller; you can save time, money, and resources; and, you have the best accounting software–the experts in the field–at your fingertips.

  • You can focus your efforts where it counts

If you’re working with a skeleton crew, every minute of every day is a precious resource. Being able to outsource complex tasks and processes can be a lifesaver. Instead of reinventing the wheel and developing an in-house accounting solution, take comfort in knowing that you can redirect your efforts to what you and your team are good at.

  • You can save time, money, and resources

By enlisting white label accounting software, you can save thousands. While a single accountant’s annual salary can be between $60,000 and $80,000, accounting software can be outsourced starting at just a few hundred a month. And in additional to the salary savings, you also save on overhead, training, hardware, benefits, and more.

  • You have experts at your fingertips

White label accounting software provides accounting expertise that a junior accountant who is not yet an expert in their field cannot provide. Having access to the experts gives you peace of mind that your accounting is always up to date and compliant.

How can Flexi help?

Flexi is one of the few vendors that has proven and delivered white label accounting solution integrations at scale for more than two decades. Flexi’s Industry Partnership (FIP) program provides software companies with the ability to OEM Flexi’s accounting solutions and seamlessly integrate them with their products through Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services.

World leading brands have relied on Flexi’s FIP program to gain a competitive advantage by quickly and easily expanding product offerings, increasing revenue, and providing customers with the convenience of a single-vendor solution, all while avoiding the cost and risk of in-house development.

The following attributes make Flexi a great white label accounting software partner:

  • Flexi significantly decreases time-to-market
  • Flexi eliminates the risk of stagnant, outdated software
  • Flexi strengthens customer loyalty with a more complete solution under your own brand
  • Flexi grows revenue through a proven partnership with a trusted leader in accounting software
  • Flexi provides expertise and a support team to ensure a smooth implementation

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A Dissection into Flexi’s Accounting Partner Program

Flexi has introduced several new accounting partnership strategies. Flexi believes that great partnerships are formed when two companies who are equally committed to success come together to achieve a set of common goals.

Flexi’s goal is to deliver exceptional technology that greatly simplifies accounting. Flexi empowers finance teams with the tools they need to get their job done faster, with greater ease, and with increased accuracy.

Why partner with Flexi?

A partnership with Flexi is a savvy business decision for the following reasons:

  • Technology: You can grow your business with Flexi’s industry-leading accounting solutions proven to automate and simplify accounting.
  • Flexibility: Partnerships offer many options to deliver benefits: functionality, licensing, deployment, or support levels.
  • Leadership: Lean on the strength of Flexi’s deep knowledge and ability to innovate and solve tough accounting challenges.
  • Experience: Flexi brings 25+ years of proven experience, and is therefore a trusted partner for sustainable growth.

Flexi has been a trusted name in the industry for over 25 years. Explore these partnership opportunities to see why leading brands have relied on Flexi for a quarter of a century.

OEM and White Label Partners

For more than two decades, Flexi has powered OEM and white label accounting solutions for world leading brands. Our deep expertise and knowledge of the accounting nuances of many vertical industries provides unmatched capabilities to our industry partners. See why Flexi is the accounting platform of choice for companies like Allscripts (formerly McKesson), StoneRiver, Molina Healthcare, Majesco and more.

Outsourcing (Accounting as a Service)

In a new era of consolidated accounting operations with distributed contributors, companies are increasingly looking at finance and accounting outsourcing and BPO services to deliver cost-effective accounting solutions. Flexi’s accounting platform, company strength and commitment to continual innovation presents the ideal foundation to power the future of your business.

Product Partners

Third-party product partners offer technology that complements our accounting platform and extends our capabilities. Through these technology partnerships, Flexi is aligned with some of the industry’s top technology vendors for reporting, HR, payroll, compliance and more, which enables us to deliver an end-to-end ERP solution to our customers.

Referral Partners

Flexi’s referral partnership program provides the ability for service-oriented companies such as consultants and CPA firms to earn revenue simply by referring their customers to Flexi – without needing to know how to sell, implement or support them. If your success depends on your ability to refer best-of-breed finance and accounting solutions, Flexi delivers.

Partner or learn more

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Why Flexi.com White Label Accounting Software has the Right Applications for All Accounting Tasks

In addition to a direct sales effort, Flexi white labels its solutions with companies such as Allscripts, StoneRiver (formerly Fiserv), MajescoMastek, and Molina Healthcare (formerly a division of Unisys). Flexi.com white label accounting software has the right applications for all accounting tasks.

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Benefits of white label accounting software

A “white label” solution is a fully supported product or service that is created by one company but sold without branding, allowing the purchasing company to brand it as their own and resell the product.

Opting for a white label solution means that your company doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel to provide an excellent accounting solution. This results in no time or money wasted producing the best software solution when one is already on the market, ready to be branded as your own. This way, the reseller can customize the product with their own branding, allowing customers to associate the product with the reseller.

White label accounting software from Flexi

White label accounting software from Flexi is quick and easy to brand. As a reseller, you will not need to focus on spending time or money on development. You can simply slap on your logo and the solution is already fully integrated.

Developing a solution from scratch takes time and money, and if you’re under the gun, you might be tempted to cut corners—leading to a poor customer experience when using the product. Rather than taking the time to design, build, and test the solution, opt for Flexi white label accounting software. Flexi takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Lastly, prepackaged solutions provide assurance that you are relying on experts in the field. Don’t stretch your resources reaching for the stars when white label software is ready made.

The bottom line

Flexi has years of experience in the accounting software space and has employed a team of experts to make the most flexible, cost-effective, efficient accounting software on the market. Flexi software allows you to manage your accounts anywhere, anytime, from any device. And, Flexi’s cloud-based management reporting and financial analysis software helps you assess your business performance.

Let Flexi’s 25 years of experience speak for itself. There is a reason why Flexi solutions are installed at more than 800 locations worldwide. Flexi has a long and successful track record that businesses in all industries can count on for their accounting need—even the most complex environments.

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