Fixed Asset Management Software 

FlexiAssets® brings together the management of capital projects, assets, accounts payable, and your general ledger in a fully integrated software solution. With the help of Flexi's accounting software solutions, you can easily examine expenditures against available project budgets, associating them to fixed assets that seamlessly flow into your general ledger software and create a tightly integrated ecosystem.

FlexiAssets greatly simplifies the ability to track assets across multiple locations, departments or companies, under multiple depreciation schedules – and with easy reference to underlying invoices and projects, all just a click away.

“When our auditors request acquisition or depreciation schedules, we can easily generate or export the reports. The reports tie back to the GL so we don’t have to waste time researching differences.”

-Alan Canivel, Mercury Insurance Group

Use Case

Can your finance and accounting software deliver all of this by end of day today?

  • Consolidate ALL your company financials in real-time
  • Convert multi-currencies into a common currency
  • Pull data from different GLs into a standard format
  • Generate reports with just a few simple clicks
  • Distribute hundreds or thousands of reports with complete confidence
  • Answers to all the auditor’s questions

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Fixed Asset Software Integration Improves Any Accounting System

As with all of our flexible products, Flexi’s fixed asset management software is available as a stand-alone product, but it is extremely powerful when deployed as part of our comprehensive financial management software.

With all of our applications securely and tightly integrated, you ensure efficient, accurate and timely management of capital projects, assets, AP, GL and more – all in real time.

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Flexi powers nearly 1,500 customer sites in dozens of industries.


Tens of thousands of users around the world rely on Flexi's accounting software.


Flexi processes multi-billions of transactions securely , in real-time.

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Accounting Case Study

Additional highlights of our fixed asset management software include:

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of fixed assets including acquisition, depreciation, adjustments, and disposal
  • Easily track and report real-time asset values and depreciation forecasts without the need for box reports
  • Control project spending with the ability to track in real-time against budget
  • Manage multiple depreciation methods (Flexi supports two dozen different methods out of the box)
  • Manage compliance with the ability to maintain multiple books simultaneously and receive ongoing updates to policies, such as bonus depreciation
  • When integrated with our full platform, fixed asset management tracking becomes even easier with integrated data that posts in real-time throughout GL, payables, purchasing and other affected modules

For more details, download our fixed asset management software data sheet.