Accounts Payable Software

Our accounts payable software, FlexiPayables®, helps companies more efficiently manage their payables and streamlines invoice processing, payment disbursement, vendor management, bank reconciliation and much more.

When combined with additional Flexi modules like FlexiWorkflow, FlexiImaging and eInvoice, FlexiPayables delivers a solution for AP automation and a paperless procurement process with superior control.

  • Automate AP – Convert routine and manual tasks to an electronic “touch-it-once” automated process and reduce costs, errors and time
  • Integrated Solution - Integrate invoicing, prepaids, 1099, ACH, purchase orders, requisitions and approvals into your general ledger.
  • Visibility and Transparency - Enable invoice submitters, approvers, accountants and auditors to view approval history and original invoice images all from a web browser.

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“We really like that all of Flexi’s accounting modules are tightly integrated, and how easy it is for us to take a purchase order, tie it to a project, and bring it all the way through to a fixed asset and payment seamlessly.”

- David Sparacio, Senior Vice President,

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Accounts Payable Software Seamlessly Integrated with Our Full Accounting Suite

As with all of our flexible solutions, Flexi’s accounts payable software is available as a stand-alone product, but it is even more powerful when deployed with our comprehensive accounting suite.

All of our financial management software applications are designed with fully integrated security and functionality across the entire platform, providing real-time data and real-time posting of transactions.


Financial Management Software


Flexi powers nearly 1,500 customer sites in dozens of industries.


Tens of thousands of users around the world rely on Flexi's accounting software.


Flexi processes multi-billions of transactions securely , in real-time.

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Accounting Case Study

Additional highlights of our accounts payable software include:

  • Flexibility to manage vendors with multiple parameters and field options
  • Manage entire payables process from authorization to disbursement, with multiple payment options including check, ACH, wire transfers, bank drafts or EFTs
  • Many compliance and tax features, including 1099 tracking and processing
  • Full audit trails with complete visibility and transparency, making it easy for you or your auditors to view complete details including approval history and invoice images

For more details, download our accounts payable software data sheet