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Budget Software for Business

FlexiBudget: Part of our unified FP&A suite,
available in the cloud or on-premise.

Budget Software for Business

Faster, More Accurate Budgets, Without the Spreadsheets

Integrated with Flexi Report Writer and FlexiBI, FlexiBudget™ is part of our integrated suite of FP&A solutions that greatly simplify the planning process with powerful automation. With web-based software, participating in the planning process is easy and efficient for budget owners throughout the company, without the errors and version-control issues of spreadsheets.

Intelligent Templates Jump-Start the Budget Process

Integrating with Flexi Report Writer accelerates the budget process right out of the gate. Templates can be pre-populated for every budget owner, reflecting actual data, relevant accounts, organization charts and any predefined targets.

Smart Design Automates Workflow and Allows Multiple Budget Scenarios

Built-in approval engine removes bottlenecks and keeps budgets moving with automated reminders and alerts, creating a complete audit trail of accountability and approvals. Multiple scenarios can be worked on simultaneously, such as top-down, bottom-up, or zero-based-budgeted methods.

Easier, More Accurate Forecasting with AI

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) technology can analyze over a decade of historical data instantly, to help you identify drivers behind your business and project more accurate forecasts.

Maximum efficiency and accounting automation

Seamless Integration

FlexiBudget integrates with Flexi Report Writer and FlexiBI to deliver a comprehensive FP&A solution. The unified suite ensures that business decisions made throughout the reporting, planning and analysis processes are based on accurate, timely data.

Enterprise-Strength Accounting Software

For 30 years, Flexi’s continually evolving accounting software has been put to the test in the most challenging environments where performance, security and speed are paramount. We bring a unique combination of a true enterprise solution with the built-in flexibility to adapt to any accounting environment.

Superior Speed and Security

Financial institutions process billions of global transactions quickly, convert multi-currencies, and close books every morning.

Daily Close and Cost Reductions

Daily close capabilities enables multi-entity with 8,000 units to reduce costs 30% and close books 70% faster than industry average. 

Reliability and Precision

Hundreds of insurers and thousands of agents and brokers rely on Flexi to process claims quickly, with precision.

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