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White Label
Accounting Solution

Confidently grow your business with the proven white label accounting solution that has been powering leading brands for 30 years.

The Industry's Premier White Label Accounting Solution

For over 30 years, Flexi has been delivering flawless white label accounting solutions to world leading brands. Fortune 10 companies are among those relying on Flexi to bring a superior accounting solution to millions of end users around the globe. Discover why these leading brands and many more trust the future of their business to Flexi. 

White Label Accounting Solution Case Study:

Flexibility is the future. That's why this Fortune 50 brand chose Flexi.

Download the case study and learn why a Fortune 50 brand chose Flexi to support the processing of billions of transactions on behalf of state governments. As the CIO shares, Flexi was the “clear standout” when evaluating white label accounting solutions. 

“With its enterprise strength, flexibility, and outstanding support, I highly recommend Flexi for enterprises like ours that develop solutions on behalf of their clients.”


White Label Accounting Solution Ready to Call Your Own

The strength of our platform and agile approach to licensing and deployment make Flexi truly unique in the industry. With Flexi, you can quickly bring a world-class accounting solution to market without the high cost and risk of in-house development. 

Continually Evolving Software

Battle tested for three decades, our evolving platform makes it easy to grow into additional functionality as your clients’ needs evolve. 

Extreme Flexibility

We’re agile enough to respond to your unique needs, including licensing, deployment, system integrations and reporting.

Time-Saving Expertise

Our deep experience is invaluable in ensuring your accounting solution meets security, compliance and performance mandates.​

Battle Tested and Proven Over Three Decades

Flexi’s white label accounting solution powers leading enterprises around the globe, in industries where performance and security are paramount. Our deep expertise and knowledge of the accounting nuances within vertical markets makes Flexi the accounting solution of choice for these brands and more. They trust the future of their business to Flexi. You can too.

Allscripts (formerly McKesson)

Allscripts connects 7 million patients, 180,000 physicians and 1,400 hospitals through its IT architecture. FlexiFinancials is the accounting software white labeled under the Allscripts brand, powering their financial operations and health care management ecosystem.

Optum/UnitedHealth Group

Optum relies on Flexi’s technology to process and manage state benefits such as claims processing for Medicaid and Medicare programs, as well as eligibility processing for programs including SNAP, utility payments, childcare and other assistance programs.

Sapiens (formerly StoneRiver)

Sapiens builds its trusted brand, FinancialPro, on the platform that originated from the FlexiFinancials suite. Sapiens software supports hundreds of insurers and thousands of agents and brokers.


Acturis Limited

Acturis, one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, leverages Flexi’s accounting software to power the company’s insurance broker ASP solution. Over 22,000 brokers rely on Acturis’ insurance broker and underwriter platform.

Explore how Flexi's white label accounting solution can take your business to the next level.

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