Our Process Driven Accounting Software Keeps your Company Financially Compliant

Ensuring that your business is financially compliant is incredibly important to your operations, and Flexi’s process-driven accounting software can help keep your company compliant.

The importance of compliance

In recent years, regulators and lawmakers have enacted a number of regulations to which organizations must comply. Compliance has become increasingly important in an era of increased regulatory scrutiny.

Certain industries, like the banking industry, have even stricter regulations to abide by. The banking industry is under close watch by the United States with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Federal Reserve, and the FDIC.

Some questions to ask about compliance at your organization include:

  • What are your main areas of risk?
  • Is a compliance policy already in effect?
  • To whom does the compliance policy apply?
  • Has the compliance policy been endorsed by management and woven into company culture?

Flexi solutions

Compliance is baked into many Flexi solutions.

Fixed Asset Management Software

Bring together the management of capital projects, assets, accounts payables, and your general ledger in a fully integrated software solution.

  • Manage Fixed Assets – Take control of fixed assets including acquisition, depreciation, adjustments, and disposal. Stay on top of asset values and depreciation forecasts without of the need for box reports.
  • Control Project Spending – Manage capital projects against your budget to control expenditures in real time.
  • Integrated Environment – Create efficiencies in business processing by tightly integrating purchasing, payables, fixed assets and your general ledger.
  • Manage Compliance – Maintain multiple books simultaneously and receive ongoing updates to policies, such as bonus depreciation.

Healthcare Accounting Software

Streamline and automate labor-intensive financial management functions with Flexi’s easy-to-use accounts payable, general ledger, project management, and fixed asset solutions for various healthcare industries.

  • Prevent shortfalls and missed margins with powerful analytic tools
  • Improve information flow through multi-entity processing and a faster closing process
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and security
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Reduce costs through enhanced project management and analysis

Insurance Accounting Software

Flexi insurance accounting software solutions increase the overall efficiency of accounting processes. Our solutions simplify complex financial management with a fully integrated suite of accounting software, professional services, and an experienced support staff.

  • Analyze financial statements and track performance of your lines of business, profit centers, and locations.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your policy, billing, and claims systems, creating end-to-end solutions for faster, more efficient access to information.
  • Provide better security, more internal controls, less manual intervention, and stronger reporting for maintaining compliance requirements.
  • Simplify multi-book accounting into a single system of financial records, enabling users to track GAAP, statutory, and adjustments simultaneously, as well as facilitate the creation of statutory reports.

The bottom line

Process-driven accounting software by Flexi can help ensure that your business is financially compliant. Check out Flexi’s product offerings today to see how Flexi can work for you.