Can a Graduate Degree in Accounting Payoff?

Many working professionals turn to graduate degrees as a method of jumpstarting their careers. Choosing an area of study can be challenging, especially with the price tag of most grad schools. One degree that really provides ROI, however, is the Master of Accounting (MAC).

The Master of Accounting (MAC)

The MAC degree can be completed in just one or two years, meaning the investment of both time and money is minimal compared to other similar graduate degrees. An MBA can take two to three years, or more when the student is only enrolled part-time. Many schools offer the MAC full-time, part-time, or even online—making it easy to fit it into your busy schedule.

Despite the changing role of accountants due to automation and AI in the workplace, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that accounting jobs (for all degree levels) will increase by up to 13 percent by 2022. According to Georgetown, the median salary for a MAC degree holder is $91,000, up from a median of $69,000 for holders of bachelor’s degrees.

And as your work experience increases, so does your paycheck. With five years of work experience under your belt, a MAC degree can help push you into a six-figure salary. In fact, a corporate vice president of finance can expect to earn between $200,000 to $390,000, and a chief financial officer can expect to earn up to $480,000.

But what about work/life balance?

Money can be great, but more and more these days, employees are looking for a solid work/life balance and the pursuit of happiness. Fortunately, accountants consistently rank higher in job satisfaction, with 78 percent of polled finance workers satisfied with their jobs according to Hudson Global Inc. And, a survey by showed accounting professionals as the second most satisfied with their jobs, edged out only by engineers.

So why are accounting professionals so satisfied? Great pay and excellent job opportunities surely help, but so does the feeling of making a difference and doing work that counts. Accountants keep businesses, and the global economy at large, afloat.

Can Flexi help?

Earning a MAC degree is the first step in a fruitful career in accounting. After that, the sky’s the limit: there are many job opportunities available to graduate level accountants. But school is not the only place accountants learn. On-the-job experience keeps accountants on their toes, and being aware of changing technologies will become increasingly important in the coming years.

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