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Flexi-A Rising Star Among Financial Close Management Software Companies

In its most recent customer success report, Featured Customers, a leading customer reference platform for B2B business software & services, recognized Flexi International Software, aka Flexi, as a “Rising Star” in the Financial close management software space. For the uninitiated, FCM, or Financial close management software, or simply accounting close software, helps companies to complete the financial close process.

A Rising Star, according to the organization, is a vendor on that understands where the market is going and has a disruptive technology. Rising Stars have been around long enough to establish momentum, a minimum amount of customer reference content along with a growing social media
This recognition is based on collected data from their customer reference platform, their market presence, their web presence, & social presence as well as additional data aggregated from online sources and media properties.

Flexi is an on-premise as well as a cloud-based accounting solution for the banking, insurance, healthcare and service industries. The Flexi accounting solution features automation of accounting process and completion of audit trails which includes a visual display of the audit workflow process, real-time visibility, analysis of financial reports and more.

Flexi’s software was built to perform, saving finance teams hours and weeks of time. With Flexi’s open architecture the flexibility to choose stand-alone modules as business needs dictate can happen at the drop of a hat. Find out how enterprises can gain the ultimate in speed and power with the entire financial management software platform, which is uniquely designed to allow financial data to flow securely wherever it is needed, with full integration into your other proprietary or third-party systems. Here is a link to the full article/PDF recognizing Flexi.

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Is Financial Automation Gaining Speed in Accounting?

Automation continues to gain speed in the accounting industry. Automation simplifies menial tasks and reduces the risk of manual error, making it a huge boon for accountants as far as accuracy and data integrity. 

While tech greatly improves much of an accountant’s job, with this shift comes fear and uncertainty about job security. Embracing changing technology and learning to finetune strategic and advisory skills situates you to continue to be a player in the accounting sphere even as the ground shifts.

Accounts receivable automation platform Invoiced recently published new research on adopting financial automation technology. The study was fielded in November and December 2019. The study surveyed 459 U.S. finance and accounting professionals. 

Three big takeaways emerged from the report:

The report found that clients are coming to expect CPAs will deliver strategic, consultative services: Clients see that automation offloads many of the menial tasks that have historically been entwined with accounting. With more automation, billable hours would (theoretically) be reduced, leading to an expectation for increased expertise in strategy and consulting (or a reduction in price).

The report suggests that increased pressure will be put on CPAs to be tech-savvy: Businesses are expecting systems to integrate and tightly synchronize, and for CPAs to be aware of the ins and outs of it in order to deliver results and insights to clients.

The report highlights that challenges and opportunities are linked for CPAs as tech grows in accounting: It’s easy to get wrapped up in the pressure of a changing job in a changing industry. Accountants are expected to learn more and be flexible as the industry shifts, but many opportunities are shrouded in that challenge. For starters, taking the time and commitment to developing your tech skills will set you apart. Clients will also find you increasingly indispensable if you’re able to provide tech expertise and strategic and advisory services. And, though it isn’t always the case, increased skills could lead to a fatter paycheck.

Flexi can help you automate your accounting

Flexi’s comprehensive financial management software simplifies and automates the entire accounting workflow process without compromising security. Flexi’s open architecture meets even the most stringent security requirements yet allows data to flow seamlessly with any system, whenever and wherever business needs dictate. Learn more about Flexi today.

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Process Accounting Automation

Is Process Automation Changing the Accounting Software Landscape?

As technology improves, it has become increasingly clear that automation can effectively replace certain roles and tasks in the workplace, though while some fear a robotic revolution rendering human employees obsolete, it’s not likely.

Robot process automation in accounting

Auditing has been a distinctly manual process–until recently. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robot process automation (RPA) has been able to link manual, seemingly disparate tasks into cohesive processes. RPA has disrupted modern accounting–making repetitive, time-consuming tasks more efficient than ever before.

Many fear this disruption, but rather than rendering humans obsolete, it simply makes room for human workers to spend time on other tasks. The role of human workers is simply changing, and in many ways, expanding. Strategic and advisory services are increasingly in demand, and accountants and auditors finally have the bandwidth to provide more meaningful services such as these.

RPA has already made a splash in recent years as tax automation programs such as those provided by TurboTax and H&R Block have become more and more common.

AI and the cloud revolution

AI technologies are expected to create a $1.2 trillion market by 2020. While some CFOs remain skeptical that AI has a role in accounting, others fear its arrival. Technology is not slowing down, so it is imperative that accounting professionals be ready to embrace the disruption led by AI and RPA ahead, knowing that their jobs and career opportunities will be all the better for it.

Flexi for process automation

Implementing cloud-based services such as Flexi keeps your business at the cutting edge of leading automation technologies.

Trusted by enterprises for 25+ years, Flexi has deployed thousands of implementations around the globe and gained experience in providing you with important capabilities to grow your business, like the need for:

  • Workflow automation with superior speed, performance and security
  • Continuous close capabilities and easy consolidations of financials and/or currencies
  • Flexible software that can quickly adapt to changing business needs or market requirements

Flexi has built all of this knowledge and so much more into a platform that will deliver extraordinary benefits.

Flexi offers robust accounting software with all the features you’d expect from a top tier platform – but at a fraction of the cost of others. Learn more about Flexi’s solutions today to see how process automation can benefit your business today, tomorrow, and beyond. Call 800-353-9492.


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