Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO)

For 25+ years, Flexi has been the accounting software of choice for BPOs and FAO solutions around the world. We understand that every BPO is unique and our business model provides the flexibility to meet your specific needs regarding technical functionality, licensing terms, deployment or support options.

With Flexi as your partner, you can be assured that your accounting platform continually provides your customers with the state-of-the-art features they are looking for, such as:

  • Workflow automation
  • Continuous close capabilities
  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Multi-entity consolidations
  • Built-in audit and compliance features

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Powering the Success of BPO and FAO Solutions

Flexi may be the biggest, most trusted accounting software company you’ve never heard of – which means our partner network is doing its job. Flexi’s financial management software is the platform behind Finance and Accounting Outsourcing solutions by BPOs, and industry-specific technology providers like Acturis. Our software is also private labeled throughout the world by companies such as AllScripts (formerly McKesson), StoneRiver (a Sapiens Company), Majesco and Molina Healthcare (formerly a division of Unisys).


Flexi powers nearly 1,500 customer sites in dozens of industries.


Tens of thousands of users around the world rely on Flexi's accounting software.


Flexi processes multi-billions of transactions
securely, in real-time.

Integration to Meet All Your FAO Needs

Our open architecture gives you the flexibility to choose the software that is right for your BPO. Your clients will gain the ultimate speed and power with our entire financial management software platform, which easily integrates into your existing system(s) and allows real-time financial data to flow securely wherever it is needed. Or you can choose to implement stand-alone modules like our general ledger software, workflow automation software or financial reporting system.

Proven, Trusted, and Scalable to Meet Your Growing BPO Business

Accounting is on a fast track toward automation, and Flexi is a partner you can count on to help your customers usher in this new era of productivity.

Our flexible software is designed to grow with you, so you’ll never find your FAO solutions obsolete. Here are just some of the added benefits your customers will experience with Flexi powering your BPO:

  • No paper, and no manual errors
  • Faster period close
  • Real-time financial updates – whenever and wherever needed
  • Standardized workflow with built-in approvals
  • Mobile access to financials through any device
  • Visualization tools with real-time visibility of every transaction and complete audit trail

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