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Case Study

Download our case study and see how Flexi enables this growing BPO to exceed expectations for their customers, with an accounting solution that has reduced costs 30% and cut the time required to close 50%.

"We needed a provider that was fully capable of handling the number of large enterprises we support today, and the growth we expect in the future."

"Because Flexi's focus is on the finance and accounting area, they offer very rich features that are not typically found "out of the box." Other providers that we looked at had not put the level of thought and detail into automating accounting processes like Flexi had."

-Senior Vice President

Our Experience Means Your Success

For 30 years, Flexi’s BPO accounting software has been the solution of choice for BPOs and FAO operations around the world. Flexi offers not only rock-solid accounting software, but also extreme flexibility to meet the specific needs¬† of our customers regarding technical functionality, licensing terms, deployment or support options. Request a demo and see why BPOs trust Flexi to grow their business.

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