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How the Wrong Accounting Software Can Cost Companies Millions

Choosing the right accounting software is important investment for any company, but choosing the wrong software can be extremely costly. This is not a decision to take lightly, and it requires due diligence and extensive research.

Traditional accounting solutions are becoming increasingly obsolete as the industry makes way for more accessible cloud-based solutions. The cloud offers the same perks of traditional accounting solutions, except faster, more secure, and more accessible.

What’s in the best accounting software?

Today’s most valuable accounting software solutions provide end users with more free time to do the things that really matter—like analysis. Accountants are steadily moving towards more strategy-driven advisory services, winning more business and taking on more clients than ever before. But with the wrong software solution, there won’t be any free time for advisory services or additional clientele. In fact, those accountants are likely to lose existing business to the more progressive financial leaders who are embracing the cloud and ramping up their portfolio of offerings.

The best accounting software should allow your team to:

  • Close the books faster
  • Automate accounting processes
  • Simplify multi-entity accounting
  • Gain real-time visibility
  • Simplify audit and compliance
  • Streamline financial reporting
  • …and so much more

A lack of automation, accessibility, and easier reporting functions quickly costs company dollars.

How can Flexi help

Through a secure, enterprise platform, Flexi automates the entire accounting workflow process and delivers ROI in months—not years. As a result, your finance team can spend far less time on the close, consolidation,and reporting processes, and more time being strategic and proactive. Depending on the size of your organization, this could save you thousands—if not millions.

With Flexi, you won’t be stuck with a costly system that leaves you unable to adapt to changing market or business needs. Instead, Flexi offers extreme flexibility in every way. From deployment options, implementation, and setup of business rules, to integrations with other systems, Flexi’s got you covered.

The bottom line

Flexi delivers all the rich features you’d expect in a top tier accounting solution, but without the high cost. With quick implementation that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, Flexi will not only simplify your accounting processes today, but also will have you ready to adapt quickly to market or business changes in your future.

Learn more about Flexi accounting software solutions, or call 800-353-9492 to set up a demo today.


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