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The Finance Function Modernizes the Close


At first it sounds like every finance executive’s worst nightmare: being held captive by a period-end closing of the books that has no clear start or finish.

But implementing technology that can process end-of-period tasks in real-time will liberate them, and boost performance in ways they can scarcely imagine.

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Inside the whitepaper:

"Our [8,000 locations] can now close their books in three days, compared to the 7-14 days typically experienced in our industry. They need the information on an accelerated basis. Their survival depends on being able to react to market changes."

-Mr. Dan Brannan, SVP of InfoSync, on the critical role of technology in the financial close process.

The Market Need

The financial close process that has served a company well in the past should be left there. Many CFOs can still only imagine the many benefits their companies might derive from an upgraded financial close process—but they are increasingly eager to
make it a reality.

Christopher Iervolino, a research director at Gartner, says that “clients are looking for—or should be using—applications that are easy to use, have a lower cost of deployment and maintenance, and are more efficient by streamlining the consolidation and reconciliation process.”

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Enterprise-Strength Accounting Software

For three decades, Flexi’s accounting software has been put to the test in the most challenging environments where performance, security and speed are paramount. We bring a unique combination of a true enterprise solution with the built-in flexibility to adapt to any accounting environment.

Superior Speed and Security

Billions of global transactions are processed quickly, books are closed every morning and multi-currencies converted to 36 decimals.

Daily Close and Cost Reductions

Multi-entity with 8,000 units gains daily close capabilities, can close books 70% faster than industry average, and reduces costs 30%. 

Reliability and Precision

Hundreds of insurers and thousands of agents and brokers rely on Flexi to process claims quickly, with precision.

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