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Is Technology Waiting for the Accounting Industry Mindset to Catch Up?

It’s no secret that the accounting industry hasn’t been the most innovative or the quickest to embrace technology. External barriers are as responsible for this as the industry mindset. While automation and AI are spreading like wildfire in other industries, accountants have been tentative and hesitant about what automation could mean for the future of the industry–and their job security–but additionally, a lack of schooling and training opportunities have left accountants scrambling to keep up.

Cloud Software Solutions

Cloud software solutions have emerged with promises of easing the burden of manual errors caused by spreadsheet accounting. New technology comes with a learning curve and as automation eliminates many of the manual processes accountants are accustomed to, it requires in some cases continuing education to remain relevant in the industry. 

New and innovation technology is yielding a seachange in the industry: there is now an expectation that accountants will not only be skilled and knowledgeable in bookkeeping but will emphasize strategy and advisory services. Accountants are also increasingly expected to specialize in and consult on various software options for their clients. 

The industry has seen an overhaul and though accounting positions are growing in number, there are fewer and fewer in the field that hold these newly minted qualifications. The academic world has not yet kept up, which is a big reason why so few accountants have embraced they new technology: they simply haven’t been trained on it.

Flexi can get you up to speed

Over 25 years ago, the team behind Flexi Software believed that the promise of accounting automation shouldn’t be reserved for Fortune 500 enterprises. Flexi set out to create a world-class platform that would not only offer the robust functionality found in costly Tier One ERP solutions but also offered the things that mattered most in a rapidly changing accounting environment:

  • Real-time performance and the ability to securely handle millions of transactions in real-time
  • Flexibility to grow and adapt to changing business or market needs
  • Openness that would allow easy integration with any system
  • Process-driven design that leveraged technology to automate much of the accounting cycle

That vision remains strong today and Flexi continues its laser focus on developing feature-rich accounting software that is both relevant and a smart value. As a SOC 2 Type I certified provider, Flexi is dedicated to empowering accountants to work as efficiently and securely as possible – today and tomorrow.

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