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SOC 2 Compliance and Why it’s Important in the Financial Space

Service Organization Control (SOC) compliance has been a buzzword in the finance space since SOC reports were first introduced in 2011. There are currently three types of SOC reports: SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3.

SOC 1 reports deal with financial transactions.

SOC 2 reports deal with technology and cloud computing entities, and will be our focus today.

SOC 3 reports are public documents that summarize SOC 2 reports without divulging protected information.

SOC 2 compliance

SOC Compliance

For cloud software companies, SOC 2 compliance is the most relevant of the three in 2018. The five criteria of such a report are: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

  • Security
    This deals with protection against unauthorized access.
  • Availability
    This deals with accessibility of the system.
  • Processing Integrity
    This deals with whether or not the system meets its requirements (like delivering data according to set stipulations).
  • Confidentiality
    This deals with security and confidentiality of data transmission.
  • Privacy
    This deals with the system’s use and retention of personal information.

It is important to note that SOC 2 reports are unique; providers review requirements, make a determination on which of the requirements are relevant to their business, and then write the controls to satisfy those requirements. As such, an audit of an SOC 2 report is completely subjective. An audit provides an auditor’s opinion of how well the company is fitting the requirements. For this reason, the auditor’s reputation is extremely important to provide a sound and fair audit.

Why is SOC 2 so important?

SOC 2 compliance is so relevant in today’s market because the public is so interested in whether or not data providers can be trusted with confidential information. When a company receives a clean SOC 2 report, the company is trusted as a secure and compliant host.

For organizations that are looking to outsource finance information or data storage, being SOC 2 compliant is especially important. And as a consumer, if you seek a vendor who is unwilling to provide their SOC 2 reports, you may want to consider partnering with someone else. An unwillingness to provide this report to customers can be viewed as a red flag.


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