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Why Process and Workflow Are So Important in Enterprise Accounting

Multi-entity accounting is complex, rendering process and workflow all the more important. Process, workflow, and a solid accounting software solution that is uniquely designed to handle the complex consolidation and reporting needs of multiple companies, divisions, or global entities is a necessity.

Some of the processes that plague enterprise accountants are: consolidations, intercompany postings, acquisitions, currencies, reporting, and auditing. With the right enterprise software, many of the problems that crop up regularly can be addressed swiftly:

  • Consolidations – Software can provide continuous close capabilities to allow the CFO to gain immediate views of consolidated financials and easily move through the soft close and period close processes.
  • Intercompany Postings – Automatically posting a transaction across multiple entities in a single screen ensures books for both “due to” and “due from” are always in balance.
  • Acquisitions – Newly acquired companies can be integrated faster with the right software that can rapidly clone company setups.
  • Currencies – When global operations are involved, financials can be easily viewed in local currency for field operations, or standardized into a single currency for headquarters purposes.
  • Reporting – Reporting and analysis benefits from real-time visibility with instant roll-up reporting or consolidations.
  • Auditing – With a tightly integrated platform, all transactional data, along with workflow documentation and approvals, are visible with a click of a button – right down to the journal entries.

Consolidating multiple companies, products, and/or divisions can add weeks of time to the financial close process, but it doesn’t have to. Industries that require you to quickly roll up reports or consolidate financials across multiple entities–like financial services, franchises, hospitality, logistics and transportation, property management, and building and construction–can benefit from a multi-entity software overhaul.

Flexi can overhaul your processes and workflows

Flexi’s software was built to perform, saving finance teams hours and weeks of time.

Flexi’s open architecture allows flexibility to choose stand-alone modules as business needs dictate. But enterprises will gain the ultimate speed and power with the entire financial management software platform, uniquely designed to allow financial data to flow securely wherever it is needed, with full integration into your other proprietary or third-party systems.

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