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How To Get Your Organization to Want a New Accounting Software

Implementing new technology solutions is tough, especially in large or high-growth organizations. In larger companies, different divisions often use their own specific platforms for accounting, data reporting, and more, but all the systems need to integrate for the sake of better decision making. They often don’t–or not very well, at least–leading to manual processes and bandaid solutions that quite honestly make everyone’s lives harder.

Before even getting to that point, just getting everyone’s buy-in to embrace change can be challenging in and of itself. It’s not unusual for the switch to take a couple of years, and in the early stages, people hold on tight to old, often manual, processes. Ultimately the switch to the new solution is usually a positive and efficient one, but it takes time. 

How do you get your team’s buy-in? Consider the following:

Define timelines

It can take 9-12 months to roll out a new solution organization-wide. It seems like a long time, and it’s important to set expectations early and often. If you don’t plan for enough time, there will be lots of false starts and delays, which frustrate everybody–especially the executives. Rushing it and getting it wrong is far worse than taking your time to get it right. Make sure everyone is in agreement on that.

Prioritize reporting needs

Virtually every department will have their own reporting needs. Fortunately, most newer solutions offer custom reporting. During the testing phase, make sure stakeholders have the opportunity to test out the reporting feature to ensure that the solution can provide customizable, easily formatted reports that fit the needs of the masses.

Reward small victories

It is no doubt a frustrating process to roll out a new accounting software that changes processes and workflows from the ground up. To keep your team positive and engaged, reward small victories and incentivize along the way. The day to day will feel tedious, but reminding everyone what you’re working towards is a helpful tip. Celebrate wins, even small ones.

Consider ROI

This is arguably the most important point. Lean on your network to prove your chosen solution’s ROI. Your executive team won’t approve a change if it isn’t going to be good for the bottom line. Additionally, the vendor should be proving ROI in the way of case studies and reports. Poke holes and ask questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Choose a solid solution, like Flexi

Flexi may be the biggest, most trusted accounting software company you’ve never heard of – which means its  partner network is doing its job. While Flexi sells directly to customers, its software is also private labeled throughout the world by companies such as Allscripts, StoneRiver, Majesco, and Molina Healthcare (formerly a division of Unisys).

Flexi’s reach is further strengthened through strategic partnerships with BPOs (business process outsourcing), FAOs (finance and accounting outsourcing), and industry-specific technology providers like Acturis. Submit your information and get a demo of the Flexi suite today. 





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