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Multi-Entity Accounting software for insurance companies

Insurance Companies Love Flexi's Multi-Entity Capabilities

why Flexi?

Why do insurance companies love Flexi? It starts with the ability to greatly simplify multi-entity accounting demands.

Flexi’s accounting software is uniquely designed to simplify the complex consolidation and reporting needs of multi-entity insurance companies.

In addition, our flawless integration with policy, billing, and claims systems creates unparalleled efficiency and accuracy for the hundreds of insurance companies that rely on Flexi.

With over three decades of experience serving the insurance industry where security, compliance, speed, and performance are top of mind, find out why Flexi is the smart accounting choice for insurance companies and agencies of all sizes.

Request a Demo and discover how easily Flexi Software can support the high-volume processing needs of multi-entity enterprises, with extreme efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility!


Flexi is multi-everything for insurance companies:

  • Keep multiple books (GAAP, STAT)
  • Simplify multi-entity consolidations
  • Convert multiple currencies
  • Integrate accounting with policy, billing, claims systems or other systems
  • Automate workflow and go paperless
  • Benefit from built-in compliance and audit controls
  • Gain real-time visibility with reporting and analytics

Multi-Entity Insurance Companies Choose Flexi

With 30+ years in the insurance industry, Flexi is able to deliver tailored, industrial-strength accounting solutions in a fraction of the time expected of other enterprise systems. Just ask a few of our happy customers below.

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