Financial Services Industry Software

As the regulatory landscape evolves, financial service organizations need more flexibility with their accounting systems, including the ability to track, reconcile and report on various segments of their business. The need to adhere to strict and ever-changing regulatory reporting requirements is more critical now than ever.

Flexi solutions deliver important benefits to companies in various lines of business such as Mortgage Banking, Security & Commodity Brokers, Pension, Health and Welfare Funds, Holding Firms, Leasing, Credit Card Processing, and Asset Management.

Accounting Software For Financial Services

  • Financial Statements - Real-time posting to generate daily financial statements, including unposted transactions. Drill-down capabilities that provide the details needed to support all balances and real-time data, ensuring the financial health of your business.
    • Allocations - Rules-based allocations with the flexibility to spread costs to any division, department, or cost center.
    • Consolidations - Flexible rules allow for unlimited consolidations, inter-company eliminations and full reporting.

    Our enterprise accounting software solutions enable organizations to successfully compete in the dynamic and volatile financial industry. Automate and streamline your financial processes with the tools and controls to support complex regulatory requirements and changing market demands. Learn more about our solutions.