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5 Things That Can Derail Enterprise Accounting That Good Software Can Prevent

Keeping tabs on large organizations, multiple entities, different currencies, different systems, and other complex accounting needs can be very challenging. It is difficult to consolidate and analyze all of that information using standard accounting software. Enterprise accounting software serves to address the unique needs of these types of organizations. 

What is Enterprise Accounting Software?

Enterprise accounting software allows an organization to manage transactions and data, going above and beyond core accounting processes by providing modules specific to billing and payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger. 

Benefits of enterprise software include streamlined processes, automation, cross-departmental collaboration, and visibility. 

Enterprise software is imperative to addressing issues that can derail complex businesses. Being able to easily navigate the “big picture” and run reports aimed to help you analyze your growing business’s needs is critical.

The top 5 things to keep an eye on are:

  1. Integrated modules. Integration is of the utmost important, even if the modules happen to be sold separately. A unified platform will make your business run smoothly and will make visualizing the big picture easier than ever. 
  2. Customization features. Each organization has different needs, so choosing a solution that will give you some wiggle room to specifically tailor your software to your unique needs is extremely important. 
  3. Security. Backups, encryption, and user-specific permissions are important, especially for cloud-based enterprise accounting software solutions.
  4. User-friendliness. A user-friendly interface is integral when you are switching to a new accounting system that you want your employees to adopt.
  5. Access. The cloud provides access to any device with an internet connection, which is ideal for most of today’s business scenarios where employees are remote, traveling, or inclement weather keeps them home. 

Flexi addresses your enterprise needs

Flexi delivers everything that an enterprise needs to automate accounting and dramatically improve workflow processes. Flexi’s finance and accounting software offers extreme flexibility:

  • Connects with any GL or subledger, resulting in easy consolidations from multiple systems
  • Deployed in any way needed: on premise, hosted, cloud, or hybrid environments
  • Workflow processes are easily defined and set up any way needed
  • Reports are easily set up, generated, and shared with anyone who needs them
  • Open SOA architecture is designed to seamlessly integrate with any system
  • Simple interface allows for user-defined setup of all these parameters and more, without the need for IT programming


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