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General ledger for Insurance Companies

General Ledger Software Designed for Insurance Companies

FlexiLedger® general ledger software

FlexiLedger, the General Ledger module in Flexi’s enterprise financial accounting suite, provides insurance companies with the flexibility they need to get the work done. It allows them to capture any level of financial data with full summarization while maintaining sufficient details to drill down, around, and across to supporting details.

Why do hundreds of insurance companies rely on Flexi’s accounting software every day? It starts with Flexi’s integration with policy, billing, and claims systems which creates superior efficiency and accuracy across the board, topped off with unparalleled customer service.

Request a Demo and find out why Flexi is uniquely designed to help insurance companies manage complex regulatory requirements and adapt to changing market demands.

Request a Demo and discover how and why Flexi’s General Ledger software is one of the most powerful GL’s on the market!


Flexi’s key features are designed for insurance:

  • Multi-books (GAAP, STAT)
  • Multi-entity consolidations
  • Multi-currency conversions
  • Integration with policy, billing and claims systems
  • Workflow automation and paperless processes
  • Built-in audit and compliance  controls
  • Advanced, real-time reporting and analytics across the entire financial suite

Flexi's General Ledger Software

With Flexi’s general ledger software, you’ll reap the benefits of extreme flexibility for the unique accounting and reporting needs of your company, guaranteed.

Flexi’s accounting software has been empowering world-leading brands, including global insurance companies and Fortune 10 organizations for over thirty years. The key to that continued success is one of the most powerful general ledgers on the market, FlexiLedger®. Below, are just a few of the insurance companies currently using Flexi Software.

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