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Why our Flexible Accounting Software is Built for the Enterprise

Flexi offers flexible accounting software that is specifically built for the enterprise, making your enterprise-specific quandaries top-of-mind and easily addressed through Flexi solutions.

Flexi delivers everything an enterprise needs to automate accounting and dramatically improve workflow processes. Its flexibility is built right into the name Flexi.

Among other features, Flexi accounting software performs the following functions for enterprise accounting:

  • It connects with any GL or sub ledger, resulting in easy consolidations from multiple systems.
  • It can be deployed in any way needed: on premise, hosted, cloud, or hybrid environments.
  • Workflow processes are easily defined and set up any way needed.
  • Reports are easily set up, generated, and shared with anyone who needs them.
  • Open SOA architecture is designed to seamlessly integrate with any system.
  • Flexi’s simple interface allows for user-defined setup of all these parameters and more, without the need for IT programming.

Flexi’s powerful accounting software was built to simplify the complex processes that accountants face every day. Flexi understands how stressful the period close is, how complicated multi-entity books can be, and how frustrating audits are when accurate reporting is not easily available.

The team at Flexi scrutinized every step of the process and developed accounting solutions with a sophisticated level of financial intelligence built into every module, designed to simplify every step of the process.

Flexi’s single platform is designed to allow data to flow seamlessly; integrated from one process to the next. So when it comes time to close the books, you have the data at your fingertips to move easily from soft close, period close, and handle all the auditor’s questions along the way.

Flexi for the enterprise

Flexi offers FlexiFinancials, Flexi Workflow, and a number of other applications to help manage your enterprise’s accounting needs.

FlexiFinancials, the strong core financial management system, has been continually refined for 25+ years based on valuable input from accountants and CFOs. With the added power of the Flexi Workflow worfklow engine, managing the accounting of your business has never been easier. You can even add additional value and further automate by using the expanded eSuite and additional applications.

To date, Flexi has 20,000+ users. Flexi’s automated software is process-driven and can help you and your business save–and repurpose–your time.

Learn more about Flexi accounting software solutions, or call 800-353-9492 to set up a demo today.


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