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Accounting Software for Financial Services

Cloud or On-Premise Deployment


Meet Your Complex Regulatory and Reporting Requirements with Ease

For financial services organizations, the regulatory landscape requires flexibility with accounting systems, including the ability to track, reconcile and report on various segments of their business. 

For 30 years, Flexi has met these needs for industries including mortgage banking, security and commodity brokers, pension, health and welfare funds, holding firms, leasing, credit card processing, and asset management.

Schedule a personalized demo and learn more about the unique features that make Flexi an ideal choice for the financial services industry. 

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Flexibility Without Limits

Flexi’s accounting software enables financial services organizations to automate their financial processes with the tools and controls to support complex regulatory requirements and changing market demands. 

Real Time Financials

Real-time posting to generate daily financial statements, including unposted transactions.


Flexible rules allow for unlimited consolidations, inter-company eliminations, and full reporting.

Powerful Allocations

Rules-based allocations with the flexibility to spread costs to any division, department, or cost center.

Case Study

With over 4,500 employees and 8,000 independent agents, the accounting environment for Mercury Insurance Group is very complex. See how Flexi’s accounting software simplifies the financial close and makes it easier to adapt to changes from regulatory or M&A activity.

Trusted by Financial Services Companies Worldwide

Flexi’s vast experience in the financial services industry enables us to deliver superior accounting solutions in a fraction of the time, with a ROI that our customers love. We understand your heavily-regulated industry and can guide you through the implementation process to ensure our software meets security, compliance and performance mandates. Schedule a personalized demo and see why these brands and many more choose Flexi. 

"When our auditors request acquisition or depreciation schedules, we can easily generate or export the reports. The reports always tie back to the general ledger so we don't have to waste time researching differences."

Alan Canivel
Mercury Insurance Group

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