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Financial Close Management

Continuous Close Means You Can Have a Faster Financial Close - any time

The Power of a Faster Financial Close

Flexi’s 30 year history is rooted in serving industries where the need for security, performance and speed are paramount – particularly the need for a faster period close. Our robust accounting software is uniquely designed to enable a continuous close process, allowing customers to achieve in minutes what traditionally takes hours or weeks. 

  • Consolidate ALL financials in real-time
  • Convert multi-currencies into a common currency
  • Pull data from different GLs into a standard format
  • Generate reports with just a few simple clicks
  • Distribute thousands of reports with 100% accuracy
  • Answer all the auditor’s questions

Case Study

Multi-Entity Speeds Financial Close 50%

This Flexi customer manages books for over 8,000 entities. Download our case study and see how Flexi has reduced costs 30% and cut the close cycle in half.

effective financial CLOSE management Requires:

Flexibility Without Limits

Improving the efficiency of financial close management with continually evolving technology is just one of the reasons why enterprises have relied on Flexi for 30 years. Our accounting software is uniquely designed to simplify every step of accounting processes. 

Real-Time Financial Data

Flexi’s software is designed to enable a faster close. The seamless integration allows real-time data to flow between modules, resulting in superior speed and accuracy.

Multi-Entity Consolidations

Continuous financial close capabilities allow the CFO to gain immediate views of consolidated financials and easily move through soft and final close processes.​

Powerful Reporting

Real-time data with instant roll-up reporting and consolidations ensures that business decisions are always based on accurate, current data. Integrated analytics also available.

Multiple Currencies

​When global operations are involved, financials can be easily viewed in local currency for field operations, or standardized into a single currency for headquarters’ purposes.

Adapt to Change

New acquisitions and other changes can be integrated faster with Flexi’s multi-tenant architecture and ability to rapidly clone company setups. Flexi is built to easily adapt to change.

Audit and Compliance

All transactional data, along with workflow documentation and approvals, are visible with a click of a button – right down to the journal entries.

Complimentary Whitepaper


Learn from CFO peers and industry experts how financial close processes are being transformed with modern technology. the right technology can transform the close process. Flexi is pleased to share this valuable whitepaper, in partnership with

Enterprise-Strength Accounting Software

For three decades, Flexi’s accounting software has been put to the test in the most challenging environments where performance, security and speed are paramount. We bring a unique combination of a true enterprise solution with the built-in flexibility to adapt to any accounting environment.

Superior Speed and Security

Financial institutions process billions of global transactions quickly, convert multi-currencies, and close books every morning.

Daily Close and Cost Reductions

Daily close capabilities enables multi-entity with 8,000 units to reduce costs 30% and close books 70% faster than industry average. 

Reliability and Precision

Hundreds of insurers and thousands of agents and brokers rely on Flexi to process claims quickly, with precision.

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Download Flexi Content

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