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Enterprise Accounting Software Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated – Makes It’s Easy

True to its name, Flexi is a flexible accounting solution provider.

At its inception, one of the primary goals of Flexi was to provide companies with a non-proprietary, feature-rich accounting system that could be scaled to handle millions of transactions, yet remain flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of any company. Openness was critical so that the software application could be easily integrated into any system.

Today, all of Flexi’s solutions are enabled through web services, allowing companies to streamline accounting processes.

How does Flexi do it? offers the following perks with its accounting solutions, making it an uncomplicated solution that makes it easy for companies to scale.

Flexi solutions…

Improve Business Performance – Increase data accuracy by eliminating duplicate entries, automating manual processes and streamlining the approval process.

Reduce Expenses – Save on hardware, software, upgrades, technical support and licensing. Maintenance and support costs are built into a subscription-based, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Enable Collaboration – Provide your staff with a continuous, mobile-ready connection that instantly syncs data when connected to the Internet.

Increase Security – Flexi adheres to strict International Organization for Standardization (ISO) security standards, as well as regular security audits.

Share Information – The cloud enables your staff to securely access data from anywhere, at anytime.

Are Proactive – As a fundamental part of your organization’s routine, utilize accounting software to continuously review financial data as business demands change.

Increase Confidence – A proven financial management system, used by over 800 businesses, allows you to adapt to existing and future market disruptions.

Gain Flexibility – Our flexible solutions enable you to react quickly to new financial rules and regulations.

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses – Identify money that is consistently spent and classify areas of your business that are contributing to unnecessary cash outflows.

Enforce Payment Discipline – Assist in debt collection with automated notifications of overdue payment.

Bill Promptly – Send invoices as soon as products have been sold, saving time on sales follow up.

Increase Efficiency – Enable your organization to be more efficient through automating many of your manual processes, freeing your staff to devote their time to higher value activities.

Streamline Performance – Automate the integration between your front and back offices, and streamline the procure-to-pay process by introducing an electronic invoicing solution.

Simplify Distribution – Provide simple, fast report distribution, such as generating and distributing department financials, with just the click of a button.

The bottom line

Flexibility and scalability are hallmarks of Flexi’s solutions. With ease of use and years of experience, Flexi is a name to be trusted in the accounting space.


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