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Flexi’s Enterprise Accounting Software Offers a Suite of Features

Flexi’s powerful accounting software was built to simplify the complex processes that accountants face every day. Flexi understands how stressful the period close is, how complicated multi-entity books can be, and how frustrating audits are when accurate reporting is not easily available.

A laser focus on finance and accounting software has enabled the Flexi team to scrutinize every step of the accounting process and develop a solution designed to simplify every task. This “process-driven” approach delivers tremendous benefits to finance teams, including a faster, more accurate financial close.

Flexi’s comprehensive software suite is a tremendous value, providing top-tier functionality at a mid-tier price. If the full benefits of workflow automation are not desired, Flexi’s individual modules can also be deployed separately.


It starts with a strong core financial management system–one that’s been continually refined for 25+ years based on input from accountants and CFOs. Key functionality found in Flexi’s core solution includes:

Flexi Workflow

Flexi’s core accounting modules are great on their own, but the powerful workflow engine makes them work even better…together. With FlexiWorkflow you can engage users throughout any department to automate their part of the accounting process, from simple tasks to complex business operations, all based on business rules.

  • Automate time-consuming manual tasks
  • Decrease costly mistakes and human error
  • Dramatically increase productivity

Additional Applications

Flexi’s expanded eSuite applications serve to further automate accounting processes, reducing paper, human error, and the high costs associated with each.

Other admin and control options are available, including consulting services and APIs for easy integrations.

Flexi delivers everything that an enterprise needs to automate accounting and dramatically improve workflow processes. Flexi’s  finance and accounting software offers extreme flexibility:

  • Connects with any GL or subledger, resulting in easy consolidations from multiple systems
  • Deployed in any way needed: on premise, hosted, cloud, or hybrid environments
  • Workflow processes are easily defined and set up any way needed
  • Reports are easily set up, generated, and shared with anyone who needs them
  • Open SOA architecture is designed to seamlessly integrate with any system
  • Simple interface allows for user-defined setup of all these parameters and more, without the need for IT programming

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