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Cloud accounting software for the Insurance industry: Flexicloud®

Cloud Accounting Solutions for Insurance Companies

Cloud Accounting software made for Insurance

Flexi’s robust, cloud accounting software for insurance companies includes everything expected in an enterprise platform, and so much more. From a powerful general ledger and financial suite, to workflow automation, and reporting and analytics tools, it’s all here, securely accessible 24/7, and all in the Cloud!

Because Flexi’s accounting software is designed to automate many of the accounting tasks for insurance companies so your accounting team can spend far less time on the data entry, consolidation and reporting processes – which means you can focus more on being proactive and strategic.

Discover the difference of a cloud accounting solution that is designed not only for the insurance industry but also for your company’s unique needs. Request a demo today!

Request a demo and discover why Flexi’s cloud accounting software is used by hundreds of insurance companies!


Highlights of Flexi’s cloud accounting software for insurance:

  • No installation and always the latest enhancements
  • No IT or maintenance 
  • Lower risk and lower cost of ownership
  • Strength and security of Microsoft
  • Fully supported by our outstanding team
  • Robust accounting features for insurance: multi-books, multi-entity consolidation, currency conversions, integration with policy, billing and claims systems, workflow automation and more. 

Flexi's Cloud Accounting Software for Insurance

Flexi’s 30+ year history is rooted in serving industries where security, compliance, speed, and performance are paramount; industries such as insurance, banking, and healthcare.

Flexi’s integration with policy, billing, and claims systems creates superior efficiency and accuracy that cannot be found in ordinary accounting software. Hundreds of insurance company sites rely on Flexi’s accounting software including these customers and many more.

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