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Case Study

With over 4,500 employees and 8,000 independent agents, the accounting environment for Mercury Insurance Group is very complex. See how Flexi’s accounting software simplifies the financial close and makes it easier to adapt to changes from regulatory or M&A activity.

"We have grown, and Flexi has grown with us."

"We can easily track thousands of fixed asset items - from purchase all the way back to the GL. When our auditors request acquisition or depreciation schedules, we can easily generate the reports or export to another system. Everything ties back to the GL so we don't need to waste time researching."

-Mercury Insurance Group

Our Experience Means Your Success

For more than 30 years, Flexi has been supporting insurance companies with our world-class accounting software. The best practices we have gained, along with our world-class general ledger and accounting platform, are among the many ways we save our customers valuable time and money. From solution design to implementation to ongoing support, our teams know your industry and will guide you every step of the way.

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