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Why Banks & Financial Institutions Love Using Flexi for their Accounting Software

Many financial institutions feel stuck with software that’s not ideal for accounting. But Flexi works with your bank’s existing system to make it better, making it a top choice for banks and financial institutions. Whatever level of pain you’re experiencing with your accounting system, Flexi can alleviate with flexible banking accounting software.

you’ll agree that “good enough” is never enough for financials!

Flexi’s enterprise accounting platform works with your bank’s accounting system to make it better, with features like a world-class general ledger and financial reporting system.

Flexi’s 25+ year history is rooted in serving financial institutions around the world, including banks and credit unions. Flexi has built a platform around the unique needs of this industry, which requires superior security, speed and performance. With Flexi, you’ll enjoy:

  • Daily close capability
  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Built-in audit and compliance
  • Multi-entity consolidations
  • Workflow automation

Integration That Improves Any Bank’s Accounting Software

Flexi’s open architecture allows you to choose the software that is right for your bank. We can integrate stand-alone modules like the general ledger software or financial reporting system into your existing banking accounting system. Or you can gain the ultimate speed and power with the entire financial management software platform, which is uniquely designed to allow financial data within the core general ledger to flow securely wherever it is needed, in real-time.


Use of Flexi’s accounting software for your bank or financial institution will entitle your organization to these benefits, among many more:

  1. Continuous Close Capability
  2. Automated, Workflow-Driven Processes
  3. Multi-Entity Financial Management
  4. Real-Time Visibility
  5. Complete Audit Trail and Compliance Documentation
  6. Streamlined Reporting with Flexi’s Cloud Financial Report Writer

Flexi’s Suite of Accounting Solutions

Flexi offers a full suite of products to help your accounting staff perform and deliver–and save time while doing it.

With Flexi, you can streamline and automate labor-intensive financial management functions using accounts payable, general ledger, project management, and fixed asset solutions.

Flexi is an industry leader for a reason. With expertise in all aspects of accounting and 25 years experience, the Flexi team can offer the best of the best. Even better, Flexi offers cloud-based web services that not only streamline processes, but also make data accessible 24/7 from any device with an internet connection.

Learn more about Flexi accounting software solutions, or call 800-353-9492 to set up a demo today.


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