Experts in Accounting Software for Banks

When you choose Flexi as your accounting software provider, you gain the expertise of our 25+ years serving banking customers, including some of the world's largest banks. We understand your heavily-regulated industry and can guide you through the implementation process to ensure our software meets security, compliance and performance mandates.

Schedule a personalized demo and see why Flexi has been the accounting software of choice for these banks and many more.

Customer Testimonials

We really like that all of Flexi's accounting modules are tightly integrated, and how easy it is for us to take a purchase order, tie it to a project, and bring it all the way through to a fixed asset and payment seamlessly.

David Sparacio,Senior Vice President, IBERIA BANK

Flexi has enabled us to go paperless with a number of processes, saving us a lot of money in paper and storage costs.

Donald B. McCarthy,Senior Vice President & Controller, Glacier Bancorp, Inc.

Not Ready to Replace Your Entire Accounting Software?

If your bank is not ready for a complete replacement, that's okay too. While Flexi's comprehensive platform brings the optimal speed and power, our software can also be deployed as stand-alone module to meet specific needs, such as our powerful general ledger software, advanced reporting, or AP and workflow automation solution. Customers with these systems are already benefiting from an integration with Flexi:

Don't Settle forGood Enough

Many financial institutions feel stuck with software that's not ideal for accounting. But Flexi works WITH your bank's existing system to make it better.

Whatever level of pain you're experiencing with your accounting system, we can alleviate with our flexible banking accounting software.

Request a demo and allow us to show you why you no longer need to settle for “good enough”. We think you'll agree that “good enough” is never enough for financials!