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Bank Accounting Software

Leading financial institutions have relied on Flexi's bank accounting software for 30+ years. Features that simplify accounting for banks include continuous/daily close, automated multi-entity consolidations, real-time reporting, average daily balance, and more. Cloud or on-prem deployment.


Experts in Accounting Software for Banks

Flexi’s enterprise accounting platform has been trusted by world-leading financial institutions for 30 years. We bring a laser focus to the banking industry that cannot be replicated by general accounting systems, with features that include:

  • Daily close capability
  • Multi-entity consolidation
  • Real-time reporting
  • Workflow automation
  • Average daily balances
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Built-in audit and compliance
  • Global currency conversion

Schedule a personalized demo and learn more about the unique features that has made Flexi the accounting software of choice for banks for three decades.


Faster, More Successful Implementation

Flexi’s vast experience in the banking industry enables us to deliver superior accounting solutions in a fraction of the time, with a ROI that our customers love. We understand your heavily-regulated industry and the various system integrations needed, and can guide you through the implementation process to ensure our software meets security, compliance and performance mandates.

1. Core Accounting Software

It starts with a powerful accounting system designed to automate and simplify the complex accounting challenges of banks. 

2. Expertise and Flexibility

We’ll share best practices and help you create the ideal solution, meeting unique requirements including reporting and integrations.

3. Outstanding Support

Our customer focus is unmatched. When you have questions or concerns, our team (not a call center) is standing by ready to assist.

bank accounting software

Use Case Highlight

For this leading financial institution, billions of global transactions are processed quickly, multi-currencies are converted, and books are closed every morning – with speed and precision.

Trusted by Leading Banks

Schedule a personalized demo and see why Flexi has been the accounting software of choice for these banks and many more.

"We really like that all of Flexi's accounting modules are tightly integrated, and how easy it is for us to take a purchase order, tie it to a project, and bring it all the way through to a fixed asset and payment seamlessly."

David Sparacio
Senior Vice President, IBERIA BANK

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