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Automating Intercompany Transactions in Insurance Accounting

Automating Intercompany Transactions in Insurance Accounting

Insurance companies frequently use intercompany transactions to allocate costs and revenue between various entities within the organization. These transactions can be complex and time-consuming, requiring significant manual effort to process.

However, with the right technology, insurance accounting teams can automate intercompany transactions, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

What Are Intercompany Transactions?

Intercompany transactions are financial transactions that occur between two entities within the same organization. These transactions are used to allocate costs and revenue between entities, allowing the organization to track financial performance at a more granular level.

Challenges in Processing Intercompany Transactions

Processing intercompany transactions can be challenging for insurance accounting teams, particularly in large organizations. These challenges include:

  • Volume: Insurance companies generate a large volume of intercompany transactions, which can be time-consuming to process manually.
  • Complexity: Intercompany transactions can be complex, involving multiple entities and a variety of different transaction types.
  • Errors: Manual processing of intercompany transactions can lead to errors, such as data entry mistakes, which can impact financial reporting and decision-making.

How Flexi Can Help Automate Intercompany Transactions

Insurance accounting teams are increasingly turning to Flexi to automate intercompany transactions. Flexi’s insurance accounting software helps to reduce the time and effort required to process transactions, while also reducing the risk of errors.

Some of the ways in which Flexi can help automate intercompany transactions include:

  • One platform: Flexi modules are all built on one platform and are fully integrated with one another. This allows for transactions to seamlessly and automatically move from Payables to your Ledger, reducing the need for duplicate entry. There is no need to spend time manually reconciling Payables with Ledger.
  • Standardization: Flexi standardizes the process of generating and posting intercompany transactions, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Beyond “set it and maintain,” there is no need for human intervention with every transaction.
  • Automation: Flexi can automate the creation of balancing entries with Intercompany transactions, reducing the time required to process transactions and enabling accounting teams to focus on other tasks. Accurate books will no longer be reliant on team members remembering to post balancing entries.

Intercompany transactions are an essential part of the insurance industry, but they can be complex and time-consuming to process manually. By automating intercompany transactions with Flexi, insurance accounting teams can increase efficiency and reduce errors. As a result, organizations can gain greater visibility into their financial performance and make more informed and strategic decisions about their operations.

For over 30 years, Flexi has been the accounting software of choice for insurance companies of all sizes. Schedule a demo and discover the Flexi difference.


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