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Why Your Accounting Team Isn’t Operating Full Tilt, and What To Do About It

It’s imperative that your accounting team is a well-oiled machine. Deadlines are tight, the board is demanding, and time is of the essence for all facets of accounting, including reports and payroll. There are many reasons your accounting team could be slowed down to a stop, but there’s a lot you can do about it. 

  • Is your team still reliant on Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel was once the industry standard, but today’s business’ complex accounting needs dictate. If you’re still reliant on Microsoft Excel, finding a new solution is going to be the key to implementing better processes to speed up your accounting department. 

  • Is your security at risk?

When data is hacked, stolen, or otherwise compromised, business screeches to a halt. With cloud-based solutions, data is more secure because it is encrypted and stored on remote servers. Enhanced security only serves to keep your business moving at all costs.

  • Are you sure your team is all accessing the same data?

If you’re not using a central repository of data that can be accessed from a web browser, then there might be different variations floating around in your colleague’s inboxes or saved to their desktops. If users are accessing and using (and making important business decisions) based on varying versions of data, how can you be sure that you’re operating at full capacity?

  • Are you limited by an on-premise solution?

On-premise solutions are installed locally on your computer. This can be tricky when employees are traveling or for whatever reason cannot get into the office due to a family emergency, inclement weather, or otherwise. By using a cloud-based service, everyone can access the same data with any device with an internet connection, so a business can stay on track even if key players can’t make it to their machines. 

Flexi can help you speed up your accounting department

Trusted by enterprises for 25+ years, Flexi is among the most experienced accounting software providers in both the cloud and on-premise markets. Organizations of all sizes, particularly those with complex accounting requirements such as multi-entity and intercompany accounting needs, are benefiting from Flexi’s value: rich features, flexible deployment, easily customized, low maintenance, and highly-rated support, all at an attractive total cost of ownership. 

Flexi’s comprehensive financial management software simplifies and automates the entire accounting workflow process, without compromising security. Flexi’s open architecture meets even the most stringent security requirements yet allows data to flow seamlessly with any system, whenever and wherever business needs dictate.

Flexi delivers all the rich features you’d expect in a top tier accounting solution, but without the high cost. With quick implementation that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, Flexi will not only simplify your accounting processes today but also will have you ready to adapt quickly to market or business changes in your future. Submit your information and get a demo of the Flexi suite today. 


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