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Accounting Software for the Guidewire Insurance Platform

Flexi is the Best Accounting Software for Guidewire

See Why Our Customers Agree!

By automating the transfer of data from policy, billing, and claims systems directly into your accounting system, Flexi will bring extreme efficiency and accuracy into your accounting processes.

Flexi’s accounting software is uniquely tailored for Property & Casualty insurance companies of all sizes, with everything you’d expect in a comprehensive, enterprise platform including a powerful general ledger and comprehensive financial suite, workflow automation, and real-time reporting and analytics tools.

With Flexi, Guidewire customers get the best of both worlds: a leading insurance platform integrated with an accounting solution designed for insurance. Request a demo and see why insurance companies have relied on Flexi for 30+ years.

Discover how Flexi and Guidewire compliment each other so well with a 15 minute personalized demo of Flexi’s full accounting software suite. 


Favorite features of our Guidewire customers include:

  • Integration with policy, billing, claims systems
  • Multi-books (GAAP, STAT)
  • Multi-entity consolidations
  • Multi-currencies
  • Accounting automation
  • Built-in compliance and audit controls
  • Real-time, advanced reporting and analytics

Accounting Software for Your Guidewire Insurance Platform

A seamless integration with your billing, policy, and claims system(s) automates the transfer of this data into your accounting system. We understand insurance and we’ve designed our software to understand your industry too: premiums recognition, claims payments and more. This dramatically reduces reconciliations and manual errors, and increases efficiency and accuracy.

Accounting Software for Guidewire Insurance Platform

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