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accounting software for startup insurance companies

Flexi Software: Accounting Software Made for Insurance Start-Ups

why Flexi?

Find out why insurance start-ups can get the competitive advantage with Flexi’s full-featured accounting software. Turn your start-up into an enterprise with everything you need in a comprehensive accounting solution.

Flexi’s accounting software is uniquely designed to simplify the complex consolidation and reporting needs of startups in every growth stage.

Automation features – including the integration with policy, billing, and claims systems –  create superior efficiency and accuracy that cannot be found in ordinary accounting software.

For over 30 years Flexi has been serving insurance companies of all sizes, where the desire for security, compliance, speed, and performance are of the highest order.. Find out why Flexi Software is THE accounting choice for insurance start-ups.

Request a Demo and discover how easily Flexi’s accounting software can support the processing needs of insurance start-ups that need extreme flexibility and unparalleled accuracy.


Key features to simplify accounting for insurance start-ups:

  • Multi-books (GAAP, STAT)
  • Multi-entity consolidations
  • Multi-currencies
  • Integration with policy, billing and claims systems
  • Accounting automation
  • Built-in compliance and audit controls
  • Real-time, advanced reporting and analytics

The Accounting Software of Choice for Insurance Start-Ups

With 30+ years in the insurance industry Flexi is uniquely designed to help insurance start-ups manage complex regulatory requirements and adapt to changing market demands. Here are just a few of our happy customers below.

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