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Accounting software for Life Insurance Carriers

Flexi Software-Accounting Software Perfect for Life Insurance Carriers

why Flexi?

There’s a reason why hundreds of insurance carriers are using Flexi’s full-featured accounting software. It has everything you need and expect in an enterprise accounting platform, with enhanced features designed for insurance carriers.

Designed to simplify accounting for life insurance carriers of all sizes, Flexi’s accounting software includes  a powerful general ledger and financial suite, as well as workflow automation, and reporting and analytics tools, that allow you to do what you do best without getting bogged down in the weeds of repetitive accounting tasks.

Request a Demo and discover how Flexi’s seamless integration with policy, billing, and claims systems has created superior efficiencies and accuracy for hundreds of happy insurance companies.

With 30+ years of experience serving the insurance industry, where security, compliance, speed, and performance are of the highest priority, you can count on Flexi. See why life insurance carriers choose Flexi.

Request a 15 minute Live Demo and discover the difference of an accounting solution designed specifically for the insurance industry. The automation, efficiency and improved accuracy will make a significant impact on your accounting team and your company.


Key features that simplify accounting for insurance:

  • Multi-books (GAAP, STAT)
  • Multi-entity consolidations
  • Multi-currency conversions
  • Integration with policy, billing, claims systems
  • Workflow automation and paperless processes
  • Built-in compliance and audit controls
  • Real-time, advanced reporting and analytics

Accounting Software for Life Insurance Carriers

Discover why Flexi’s accounting software is perfectly suited to help life insurance carriers grow and adapt to changing market conditions. Our experience spans the entire insurance sector, with happy customers from all types and sizes of companies, including these and many more.

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