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Accounting Automation

Eliminate Paper and Automate Accounting with Flexi


Accounting Automation Lets You Focus on What Matters

Flexi’s accounting automation software relieves the workload of accountants by automating routine, time-consuming tasks. Based on your business rules, our powerful workflow automation software is the key to making nearly every part of the business work more efficiently, including:

  • Approving or reviewing documents or requests
  • Purchasing and AP
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Employee travel and expense (T&E) management
  • Cross-department collaboration
  • Document compliance
  • Contract management
  • Document generation

automate and go paperless

Intuitive, browser-based software ensures that employees throughout the company, including those without deep accounting knowledge, can automate their tasks and contribute to tremendous productivity improvements company-wide.


Flexibility Without Limits

Flexi’s workflow automation software greatly enhances our core accounting software to provide time-saving automation, without compromising control or security. With intuitive, browser-based setup, companies can easily automate everything from basic accounting functions to company-wide processes with just a few clicks – not code.

Simplify Complex Workflows

Automate the processes that make up the core of your accounting business, while maintaining control.

Easy and Intuitive

Quickly set up automation rules and flows with our intuitive, drag-and-drop visual design.

Manage Documentation

Automatically generate, sign and store documents with a complete audit trail of approvals.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Empower users across the company to automate their part of the accounting process, whether simple or complex.

Control and Compliance

Workflow automation rules mirror your business rules and leverage built-in business logic to improve speed and accuracy.

Integrated Accounting System

FlexiWorkflow is integrated with our accounting software to bring powerful automation to all of your accounting processes.

Flexi is Multi-Everything

From our beginnings, Flexi’s accounting software was designed to support high-volume processing and the toughest challenges of multi-entity enterprises, with extreme flexibility not typically found in enterprise solutions. You’ll gain all the robust features of a true enterprise solution but without the rigidity or relentless push for excessive maintenance or consulting fees.

  • Multi-company consolidations
  • Multi-book accounting
  • Multi-currencies
  • Multiple deployment options (cloud, on-premises or hybrid)
  • Multiple database compatability

Whitepaper: Is Accounting Ready for AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ringing in a new era of technology, and businesses and governments alike are vying for innovations that promise to transform operations and improve productivity. But what does all of this mean for accounting?

Download our whitepaper and learn how this powerful tool may already be at work behind the scenes, helping your accounting team work faster and smarter.

Enterprise-Strength Accounting Software

For 30 years, Flexi’s continually evolving accounting software has been put to the test in the most challenging environments where performance, security and speed are paramount. We bring a unique combination of a true enterprise solution with the built-in flexibility to adapt to any accounting environment.

Superior Speed and Security

Financial institutions process billions of global transactions quickly, convert multi-currencies, and close books every morning.

Daily Close and Cost Reductions

Daily close capabilities enables multi-entity with 8,000 units to reduce costs 30% and close books 70% faster than industry average.

Reliability and Precision

Hundreds of insurers and thousands of agents and brokers rely on Flexi to process claims quickly, with precision.

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