Process-Driven Financial Management Software

On-premise or cloud

Flexi’s comprehensive financial management software simplifies and automates the entire accounting workflow process, without compromising security. Our open architecture meets even the most stringent security requirements yet allows data to flow seamlessly with any system, whenever and wherever business needs dictate.

Flexi delivers all the rich features you’d expect in a top tier accounting solution, but without the high cost. With quick implementation that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, Flexi will not only simplify your accounting processes today, but also will have you ready to adapt quickly to market or business changes in your future.


Learn the secrets of a faster financial close.

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The Benefits of our Financial Management Software

Trusted by enterprises for 25+ years, we’ve deployed thousands of implementations around the globe and we’ve gained experience in providing you with important capabilities to grow your business, like the need for:

  • Superior speed, performance and security that enables continuous close capabilities
  • Easy consolidations of financials from different general ledgers and/or currencies
  • Flexible software that can quickly adapt to changing business needs or market requirements

We’ve built all of this knowledge and so much more into a platform that will deliver extraordinary benefits – today and tomorrow.

Period Close

Close Books Faster

Flexi enables a continuous close process from soft close to period close, with a complete audit trail just a click away. Learn more about our faster period close.


Automate Accounting Processes

Our workflow engine automates processes that are repeated regularly, such as period close, saving hours, days, even weeks.

Process Driven

Simplify Multi-Entity Accounting

Flexi was built to simplify and automate consolidations between companies, different GLs and multiple currencies.

Real Time Visibility

Gain Real-Time Visibility

View, analyze and report real-time financial data, ensuring business decisions are always based on accurate, timely data.

Audit & Compliance

Simplify Audit and Compliance

Drill down and trace all transactions right down to the journal entries, including a visual map of the workflow and approvals.

Streamline Reporting

Streamline Financial Reporting

Our proprietary software enables you to easily consolidate and get the right data to the right people quickly, 24/7.

The Future is Coming. With Flexi, You’ll Be Ready.

Accounting is on a fast track toward automation. No matter where you are on that timeline, Flexi is a trusted partner dedicated to helping our customers safely transition into this new era. Our flexible accounting software is designed to grow with you – however your business needs dictate. Here are some of the highlights of the approaching paradigm. When you’re ready, we’ll be right there with you:

  • No paper, and no manual errors
  • Real-time financial updates – whenever and wherever needed
  • Continuous control
  • Standardized workflow with built-in approvals
  • Mobile access to financials through any device
  • Visualization tools with real-time visibility of every transaction and complete audit trail

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About Flexi

Flexi delivers all the benefits of the cloud-speed, performance, low cost-while keeping your core general ledger data secure. That’s just one of the many reasons why we’ve been the financial management software of choice for financial professionals around the globe. Our 25+ years of experience includes deep knowledge within industries such as banking, insurance and financial services where security, compliance and speed are paramount.