Vendor Management Software

With Flexi’s powerful vendor management software, eVendor, the critical task of ensuring that all vendors are approved and compliant becomes automated, bringing significant time savings and minimizing the risk of noncompliance or penalties.

Together with FlexiWorkflow, our eVendor solution provides a complete vendor management system for approving, storing, tracking and accessing all vendor related data and activity, including compliance documentation and contracts.

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Vendor Management Software


Vendor Management Software

Manage vendors and minimize compliance risk.


  • Enables the tracking and management of all vendor activities
  • Facilitates proper onboarding of new vendors
  • Easily deployed and easy to use
  • Complete integration with Flexi’s Workflow and AP
  • Secure, central location for compliance documents and contracts
  • Accessible, auditable workflow

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Vendor Management Software Integration Improves Any Accounting System

Flexi’s vendor management software works with FlexiPayables to create a seamless, auditable workflow around the creation of new vendors or changes to existing vendors. Flexi customer can easily maintain vendor compliance documentation and manage all vendor activities (including payables) within one single location.

Explore our comprehensive financial management software and learn how Flexi can simplify all of your accounting processes through our single platform. With all of our applications securely and tightly integrated, you ensure efficient, accurate and timely management of capital projects, assets, AP, GL and more – all in real time.

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Why Flexi’s Vendor Management Software?

Flexi’s eVendor minimizes the risks that third parties present to an organization such as compliance and other operational risks. eVendor delivers an highly efficient electronic system for managing and reducing the risk levels of vendors.

  • Ensures all new vendors are properly vetted through the approval process
  • Secure, central location for managing the collection and tracking of all documentation and contracts
  • Creates detailed electronic audit trail for immediate access and easy confirmation fo compliance
  • Ability to send reminder notifications when documents or contracts are nearing expiration
  • Customizable system provides flexibility to meet specific vendor management policies and procedures

For more details, download our vendor management software data sheet.