Faster Period Close

Flexi’s 25+ year history is rooted in serving industries where the need for security, performance and speed are paramount – particularly the need for a faster period close.

Our robust accounting software is uniquely designed to enable a continuous close process, even in the most challenging environments:

  • Real-time financial data
  • Multi-entity consolidations
  • Real-time, consolidated financial reporting
  • Detailed drilldown capability to simplify audit and compliance
  • Multi-currency conversions

Flexi customers gain the ability to move seamlessly through the entire close process – soft close, adjustment period and final close - with time to spare (and a lot less stress along the way). Learn more about the many benefits you’ll experience with our financial management software.

The Power of Faster Period Close

Can your finance and accounting software deliver all of this by end of day today?


  • Consolidate ALL your company financials in real-time
  • Convert multi-currencies into a common currency
  • Pull data from different GLs into a standard format
  • Generate reports with just a few simple clicks
  • Distribute hundreds or thousands of reports with complete confidence
  • Answers to all the auditor’s questions


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Flexi’s Approach to a Faster Period Close

Unlike other accounting systems, Flexi was purposefully built to enable a faster period close, with every step of the process carefully designed within one single platform. This seamless integration of native apps (vs. a patchwork of third party apps like most other accounting systems rely on) allows real-time financial data to easily flow, wherever it is needed.

This design delivers superior speed and accuracy, ensuring a smooth progression through soft close to final close – with the ability to answer all the auditor’s questions before, during and after.


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Flexi powers nearly 1,500 customer sites in dozens of industries.


Tens of thousands of users around the world rely on Flexi's accounting software.


Flexi processes multi-billions of transactions securely , in real-time.

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Are You Ready for a Faster Period Close?

Flexi’s comprehensive accounting software suite delivers all the features you’d expect from a top-tier accounting platform, but without the high cost.

For 25+ years, companies around the globe have relied on Flexi’s software to simplify accounting processes and dramatically improve workflow processes – which combine to result in a faster period close.

  • Nearly 1,500 customer sites in dozens of industries
  • Tens of thousands of users around the world
  • Multi-billions of transactions processed securely, in real-time

Request a demo and see how Flexi’s financial management software can speed your period close process, saving you time and alleviating unnecessary stress.