About Flexi


Stefan R. Bothe
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

In the early 90s, when client-server technology was starting to emerge and proprietary systems were starting to fade, the founders of Flexi had the idea to leverage an ensuing market opportunity by melding financial accounting software with the latest technology innovations.

One of the primary goals was to provide companies with a non-proprietary, feature-rich accounting system that could be scaled to handle millions of transactions, yet remain flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of any company, hence the name “Flexi”. Openness was critical so that the software application could be easily integrated into any system.


Today, all of Flexi's solutions are enabled through Web services, allowing companies to streamline accounting processes. In addition to a direct sales effort, Flexi private labels its solutions with companies such as McKesson, StoneRiver (formerly Fiserv), MajescoMastek and Molina Healthcare (formerly a division of Unisys), and by maintaining strategic partnerships with companies like Acturis.


Why Flexi?


2 Trap Falls Road
Shelton, CT 06484


Most business decisions to purchase software focus on one question: will the solution make or save the organization money? Flexi solutions enable your business to increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide the analytics needed to make informed decisions and grow your business.

Flexi is your partner from implementation to go-live, with continuous high quality support. With 25 years of experience and Flexi solutions installed at more than 800 locations worldwide, we have a long and successful track record that businesses in all industries can count on for all of their accounting needs – even in the most complex environments.